Aug 29, 2013

Let's start coding for good

If you're an avid reader of my blog (don't feel guilty if you aren't, I don't think anyone is), then you know I was working on project  J.

Like most of my projects, I started this project with a lot of motivation, but also like most of the time I end with losing my interest in it once it starts to be too complicated or too easy. Yeah I'm that weird...

This time I hope it will stay, I already quit smoking, drinking coffee on weekdays and I started a diet to lose these freaking love-handles!

About the project

I decided to go for node.js and MongoDB, probably not the easiest path, but I'm pretty certain it's the combo I needed.
As platform I'm using Meteor, so far I like it very much. Certainly the fact that you can see almost instantly what the result is of your coding.

I'll keep you updated as much as possible, even the failures :)