Apr 26, 2013

The Strongest Careers Are Non-Linear

Hey gents,

As being someone whose career isn't linear, I completely agree with what Penelope Trunk wrote.

Have a look and let me know what you think (if anyone reads this of course... hallo? hallo? Damn :( )

Apr 19, 2013

If Tin-Can, we can!

So I came across this new Kickstarter gem, called Tin-Can which I posted earlier this day and I was very interested in how it works, so I did some research...

I vaguely remember the old times were us stupid kids played General and soldiers (I was the General, of course) using this cans, that weren't made of tin back then. Those were fun times indeed...

/nostalgia off

But times have changed and so has technology and these guys understood perfectly what 30+ers need.

Got an iPhone or the latest Lumia? You won't need it anymore!
The great thing about this product is that if you want to talk to your friends or wife/husband, you won't until you are standing next to them/him/her/it. Talking about progression and greatly improving the social aspect of The Social Network!

Because face it, what's social about looking at your smartphone all the time? (Ok, I admit it,I do it too, but that's not the point!)
Now with this great new communication device, you won't need anything else!
Imagine a natural disaster would strike, putting you in a electricity-less moment, the only thing you can rely on is the Tin-Can!

I find it a particular top-notch high-tech communication device that doesn't even need any recharging, with no downtime ever.

But, sadly there is a bud...

I bought my iPhone to have the latest innovation in alarm clocks and that's the thing I miss the most about this Tin-Can.
I don't think my girlfriend will enjoy the fact she has to wake up earlier than me and use the Tin-Can to wake me up and even if she did, I'm almost 100% positively sure she won't use it the way it's intended  I never tried it, but I think tin versus head is not a win-win situation for my forehead.

All in all I can only be positive about this newest addition in communication technology and I recommend it to all the hipsters before they become hipster.
5 stars rating!

Tin Can, the new way of communicating

I was browsing on Kickstarter.com and found this 'gem': Tin Can

I think my iPhone just got redundant...

Apr 18, 2013

What you didn't know about Belgium

1. Belgium has the lowest amount of McDonald’s restaurants per inhabitant in the world

2. Belgium counts around 178 breweries, together producing 800 different beers.

3. Belgium produces 220.000 ton of chocolate yearly (my personal favorite is Marcolini)

4. The Belgian national airport in Zaventem is known as the worlds biggest sales point for chocolate.

5. Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels

6. Oil paint is an invention of the brothers Eyck.

7. Not to be proud of, but Belgium is the world record holder of the longest period without a government.

8. Robert Cailliau, the co-inventor of the world wide web, is Belgian.

9. Asphalt was invented by the Belgian professor Edward J. de Smedt.

10. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an invention of the Belgian mathematician Lambert Adolphe Quetelet

11. In the 1970's Belgian schools served beer to the students during lunch. (That explains a lot...)

12. The 'Gentse Feesten' is the biggest European cultural festival.

13. Tomorrowland is the worlds biggest house & techno-festival.

14. Plastic is an invention of the Belgian Leo Hendrik Baekeland

15. The Belgian coast tram is the longest tramline in the world.

16. The Australian singer/songwriter Gotye (known from his hitsingle Somebody that I used to known) was born in Bruges

17. Belgium has the highest amount of castles per square meter in the world (if that's something worth mentioning to anyone...)

18. The ‘Big Bang’ theory is from the mind of the Belgian priest-physicist Georges LemaĆ®tre (Take that, Christians). Even a crater on the moon has been named after him.

19. Rollerblades are an invention of the Belgian clockmaker John-Joseph Merlin.

20. The Belgian Royal Palace is bigger than Buckingham Palace. (Sorry Elizabeth)

21. The Frenchspeaking part of Belgium is the worlds biggest producer of comic books per inhabitant

22. New York City is founded by Pierre (Peter) Minuit (1589-1638). This French speaking Belgian bought the Manhattan-island in 1626 from the original inhabitants.

23. The first ever newspaper was called 'Nieuwe Tijdingen' en was printed in 1605 in Antwerp by Abraham Verhoeven.

24. Ludwig van Beethoven's roots lie in Mechelen.

25. Belgium delivered the uranium for the atom bomb dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima. The uranium was originally imported from the Belgian colony, Congo. (Yay us...)

Translated from Source: Express.be