Jun 27, 2012

... and then came Google+

At first

I have been with her since 2007 and it was love at first sight

Thanks to her I met a lot of people, started to enjoy more the (social) life, regain friendship with long-lost acquaintances and discovered new places I never figured going to.


But like any normal relationship; at first everything is beautiful,  you don't mind the small details:
  • Some games you don't like to play, but you were forced by her and her entourage
  • She liked: "The sun", "The summer", "Chocolate" and asked me to become a fan as well
  • Some friends of hers I didn't want to know, but yet they wanted to be mine
  • and then they were people poking me for no reason
Once further in your relationship, you start asking yourself if this is what you really wanted, is she the one? Well... Who else was there on the market? No one...

Yes, "she" is Facebook and from the day we met, I have been addicted to her. But for every addiction there is one thing to remember: too much is too much...

... and then came Google+

My first "date" with Google+ wasn't the most romantic; not that beautiful, a bit boring, even dull. But as I'm an open person and I like to give a chance to everyone, I tried to let her convince me... with no success. She was plain, only knew a few interesting guys, like Loic Le Meur and Tom Anderson (MySpace!).

At some point I wanted to forget about her, but now I'm glad I didn't!

Well, because G+ became beautiful, slim, attractive, well-thought and knows how to Gtalk, use Gmail like no one else can, she has her own Blog(ger) and the thing I was most convinced of: she's more mobile than Facebook!

AND no moronic friends nor "friends" pushing me to do stuff I don't like!

I'm relieved I can finally say that I'm over you, Facebook.
Yes, sometimes I will check up on you, see how you're doing, but you got too promiscuous and now that I'm with G+ I don't need you anymore...