Dec 15, 2011

Tip #1: This one goes to the girls

So... There is this girl I like, she's cute, lovely hair and she makes me curious (which is good btw)

And like every time I like a girl, my romantic side reappears (which might be good, but not always)

That reminds me that, when I was a bit younger, I once made a paper crown with "Mistletoe" written on it (yes, it was around Christmas) so I could get a kiss from that one special girl.

"Yeah so?" you would ask? Well, imagine me, with that paper crown, in a club, with 2000 people staring at me...

Either way, let's get back to my initial post.

Besides being romantic, I tend to get too interested and sometimes being a bit too pushy... No one's perfect.
And if the girl I like is playing hard-to-get, I even get more attracted; which gives her more "power", which makes me even more attracted, which... and so on and so on...

The thing that girls don't understand is that there's a BIG difference between being attracted to someone/something and loving someone/something. (*)

What started as liking that girl, became me being attracted by her the more she's playing hard-to-get.
I'll get completely attracted by her fake "non-interest" in me and this will result in hunting-game.
And you all know what they say about hunters: the hunting is more exciting than the prey itself.

What does that mean?

Well... The girl is no longer being liked for the initial reasons why you liked her, but she became a prey you want to hunt and once you you hunted her, your interest disappears and the guy is again the bad one in this story...

The title says Tip #1 so here it comes:

Girls, you still need to be hard-to-get, that way you can separate the players from the serious guys, but you must do it in a rational way.
Don't make it too hard on the guys nor on yourselves, life makes it hard enough for all of us already.


(*) A small example: you're attracted by bad boys, but you love romance. A married woman can love her husband but she can be attracted by a mysterious guy. 

Dec 13, 2011

Fact #1: Attractive girls get away with everything

Never noticed on social networks?

Attractive girl says something stupid

Random guy posts the same stupid thing
1 like (from his mom)

All these guys think they will get the attention from the attractive girl, while all they do is give her the attention she wanted...

In this case it's not really something bad, no one gets hurt by it (or maybe that one stalker guy who still doesn't get a reply from the attractive girl, even sending her 124 messages)

No, the real scary bit is the fact that Attractive Girl (let's call her AG from now on) can post some stuff that could actually offend some people and none of the guys will correct her, being too afraid to be "unfriended" by AG!

I don't like the way this is going...

Anyway, I want to write more about this, but I have bloggers block.


Annoyance #1: Entrance lanes

I got up rather late today, because of the late COD4 splitscreen games I played with my friend last night.

Still, I thought I would make it on time at work, but as usual, when it rains, people sh*t their pants and because of that, the highway was jammed and packed.

But that wasn't what disturbed me the most...

The reason of my annoyance is the way people drive; an explanation:

When you want to drive on the highway, you have sometimes up to a kilometer to get on the highway, which is great! You can avoid the traffic without doing something illegal!
But... there is a great but...
Some... no sorry, MOST of the people don't use that freedom! No no... they just want to get into the traffic as fast as possible, creating some more traffic on the entrance lane!

Even more upsetting is that when I get angry at them, they don't understand it!

I wonder why they think like that...
Do they think that it's not socially accepted to use the entire entrance lane?
Do they think the traffic is like the line waiting at the cash register in a store, where it's impolite to pass before people?
I don't know... but it makes me angry!



Let's start this

Finally decided to start my blog.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I wrote it.